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Step into the dynamic world of podcasting alongside Dr. David Allan, a seasoned professional with a passion for the art of audio. As a professor specializing in audio marketing, Dr. Allan has not only honed his expertise but has also actively contributed to the podcasting landscape. With his own podcast series, insightful guest appearances on other shows, and collaborative work with fellow podcasters, he’s a prominent figure in the audio marketing sphere.

In this curated collection of Dr. Allan’s media appearances and interviews, you’ll find a diverse array of discussions covering topics ranging from the future of audio in marketing to the latest trends shaping the industry. Each interaction showcases Dr. Allan’s unique perspective, engaging storytelling, and invaluable expertise, offering viewers a glimpse into the dynamic world of audio marketing through the eyes of a true visionary.

Faculty to be Honored with Awards at 2024 Commencement Ceremony

Released On: 03 May 2024

How 5 Companies Built Sonic Logos to Immortalize Their Brand

Released On: 01 May 2024

The Michael Smerconish Program Interview

Released On: 16 Apr 2024

How Ozempic Turned a 1970s Hit Into an Inescapable Jingle

Released On: 10 Apr 2024

Taylor Swift: Queen of the Super Bowl?

Released On: 09 Feb 2024

‘Being mean will only rally her fans’: Taylor Swift is winning whether she backs Biden or thumps Trump

Released On: 04 Feb 2024

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