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Step into the dynamic world of podcasting alongside Dr. David Allan, a seasoned professional with a passion for the art of audio. As a professor specializing in audio marketing, Dr. Allan has not only honed his expertise but has also actively contributed to the podcasting landscape. With his own podcast series, insightful guest appearances on other shows, and collaborative work with fellow podcasters, he’s a prominent figure in the audio marketing sphere.

Discover the multifaceted facets of Dr. Allan’s podcasting journey. From hosting thought-provoking episodes that delve into the nuances of audio marketing to being a sought-after guest on various podcasts, his impact resonates throughout the industry. Dive into his world of sound and storytelling, where academia meets the art of podcasting. Whether you’re an aspiring podcaster, an audio enthusiast, or simply curious about the power of audio in marketing, you’re in for an enriching experience with Dr. David Allan.

Harmonizing Brands & Beats

Dive into the symbiosis of commerce and culture with Dr. David Allan's "Marketing Musicology." Explore how music shapes marketing and vice versa, in episodes featuring industry insiders.

Unlocking Digital Artifacts

Join Dr. David Allan at 'THE NFT PHD' for a deep dive into the world of NFTs, where digital meets tangible in the ever-evolving asset landscape, at the intersection of technology and creativity.

Academia Meets Audio

"Profcasters" is your gateway to the podcasts of academia, curated by Dr. David Allan. It's where professors extend classroom discussions to global conversations.

Unlock Dr. Allan's Expertise

Looking to elevate your project with audio branding or need a dynamic speaker for your event? Dr. Allan offers a wealth of expertise in marketing consulting, speaking engagements, and podcast guest appearances.