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Dive into the world where marketing wisdom harmonizes with the rhythm of audio branding.

Diverse Expertise

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Discover how Dr. Allan’s expertise in audio branding and music marketing can elevate your project or event. With a blend of academic insight and industry experience, your audience is in for an unforgettable presentation.

Academic Insights

Delve into a world where academia meets real-world applications. Dr. Allan’s scholarly pursuits in marketing and communications illuminate the path for innovative educational experiences.

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On Air

Step into the studio where Dr. Allan’s podcasts come to life, blending marketing insights with the power of storytelling. Discover a symphony of ideas that resonate with listeners worldwide.

Published Works

Explore the published landscape where Dr. Allan’s books and articles provide a deep dive into the dynamics of music marketing and audio branding. His works are a great resource for industry professionals.

A Personal Approach

Blending Education with Innovation

In the academic halls and beyond, Dr. David Allan has orchestrated a career that’s as informative as it is inspiring. His journey from the airwaves of radio to the lecterns of Saint Joseph’s University encapsulates a lifelong passion for the interplay between sound and psychology. Bridging the gap between theory and practice, Dr. Allan’s teachings echo the latest in marketing strategies, underpinned by a profound understanding of cultural impact.

Beyond the classroom, his voice carries through the realm of podcasting, where each episode is a masterclass in audio branding. Dr. Allan’s insights, drawn from a rich tapestry of industry experience, are harmonized with actionable advice for both aspiring marketers and seasoned professionals. His contribution to the field is not just academic; it is a resonant score that plays out in the success of his students and readers.

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Dr. Allan’s symphony of insights isn’t just to be heard — it’s to be discussed, questioned, and explored. Reach out to engage in a dialogue that strikes a chord, resonates with purpose, and creates harmonious collaborations.

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A Glimpse into Expertise

Explore Dr. Allan's Journey

Dr. David Allan’s professional journey is as dynamic as it is influential. Available for marketing consulting, he brings a wealth of knowledge from both the academic and practical realms of audio branding. As a speaker, he captivates audiences with insights drawn from over two decades in radio and academia. Eager to share his expertise, Dr. Allan also welcomes opportunities to be a guest on podcasts, offering a unique blend of scholarly depth and industry experience